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Welcome to J.H.G.’s horror fiction stories: a website created to entertain your brain. Select a story below, and prepare to exit reality and enter imagination.

(Note: length of story may vary.)


More stories to be posted soon.

If you like these stories, you’ll be thrilled to know that a version of J.H.G.’s novel The Dark Legend of Tormentia: Macabre will be posted for everyone to read for free very soon! To find out more about this novel read the description below.

Joel Hunter Gun - The Dark Legend of Tormentia: MACABRE

The Dark Legend of Tormentia: Macabre

(Book one in what will be a series of ten.)

Driven on a path to save his undead father, fueled further to pursue his dreams and to hold on to the only woman he has ever loved, Hunter Madox discovers a macabre method that may help him to build his underground business empire, which may hold the key to everything he’s ever struggled to attain. Battling with personal flaws and forced to deal with sometimes horrendous circumstances, Hunter is tested time and again, but he always finds a way to keep pushing forward. As is the case in reality, however, sometimes no matter how strong-minded someone may be, their choices may be hellish to make, and morally, any or all outcomes may be questionable. In the end, will Hunter find a way to fight past the nightmarish happenings in his life? Will he find happiness? Will he realize his dreams? One thing is certain; Hunter is not one to give up, no matter what he must do or what he must suffer.

“Sometimes life can be nothing but a M.U.T.I.L.A.T.E.D. horror story, but we have to press on. We have to keep reaching for our dreams. It’s what makes life worth living. It’s what makes it worth choking down that next breath of vile air, because in the end, life is what we fight for. In this world of abundance in both pain and pleasure, we can, each one of us, realize our dreams.”

– Joel Hunter Gun

“I’ve been waiting for a mind like yours to fall into the M.U.T.I.L.A.T.E.D. web of Tormentia.

It was always meant to happen.

This is your fate.

Follow me.

Down the stairs we go,

deep into the realm of the macabre.”

– Joel Hunter Gun

Step 1 – Macabre

Step 2 – Untamable

Step 3 – Tormented

Step 4 – Immortal

Step 5 – Lunatic

Step 6 – Alone

Step 7 – Terror

Step 8 – Evil

Step 9 – Dead

Step 10 – M.U.T.I.L.A.T.E.D.

This is…

Joel Hunter Gun’s

The Dark Legend of Tormentia: Macabre


The new face of horror!

For those who purchased a copy of the first version (a.k.a the Uncut Collector’s Edition) of The Dark Legend of Tormentia: Macabre, below is a picture you may print so that you may give tribute to the author and become a part of this book’s history!

Joel Hunter Gun

F.Y.I. For more scary stories, check out our friends at tellascarystory.com!

Thank you for reading.

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  1. Great work! Just as always! I just love the way your stories grab u from the start and keep u until the end! I love yr site too! Keep the stories coming!!!



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