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Joel Hunter Gun's The Dark Legend of Tormentia - MACABREThe Dark Legend of Tormentia: Macabre
(Debut novel)

Driven on a path to save his undead father, fueled further to pursue his dreams and to hold on to the only woman he has ever loved, Hunter Madox discovers a macabre method that may help him to build his underground business empire, which may hold the key to everything he’s ever struggled to attain. Battling with personal flaws and forced to deal with sometimes horrendous circumstances, Hunter is tested time and again, but he always finds a way to keep pushing forward. As is the case in reality, however, sometimes no matter how strong-minded someone may be, their choices may be hellish to make, and morally, any or all outcomes may be questionable. In the end, will Hunter find a way to fight past the nightmarish happenings in his life? Will he find happiness? Will he realize his dreams? One thing is certain; Hunter is not one to give up, no matter what he must do or what he must suffer.

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J.H.G.’s Early Works!

(Note: these books are no longer available as an eBook.)

Scarred for Life: A Boy’s Brutal Suffering and a Man’s Raging Regret
(Short fiction story)

Jacob Linden was only a child when the gruesome tragedy had transpired—and now, as a man—the horrific and scarring memory of his past may come back to rip into him! Learn of the events that Jacob cannot bear to speak, and discover the inner workings of the world’s most murderous and secretive dog-fight breeding cults that are sure to leave you questioning your safety and your sanity. As Joel Hunter Gun says at the beginning of this story, “Warning: this work of fiction may not be suitable for the weak of mind or the weak of heart,” and that could not be truer. This terrifying thrill-ride of a story may, indeed, leave you Scarred for Life! (Approximate, average reading time 20 minutes)

Joel Hunter Gun's - Bloody Sweet EmmaBloody Sweet Emma
(Short fiction story)

A victim of abuse and morbid parental upbringing, Emma may be the sweetest woman one could ever meet, or maybe she could be one of the most depraved and psychotic individuals one could ever dread to have met. Read this mysterious and horrific story of morbid madness and find out why it’s entitled Bloody Sweet Emma! As Joel Hunter Gun wrote at the beginning of this story, “Warning: this work of fiction may not be suitable for the weak of mind or the weak of heart.” (Approximate, average reading time 27 minutes)

Joel Hunter Gun's Horror Fiction Vol. 1For an even better deal, you can now get Scarred for Life and Bloody Sweet Emma in one eBook! I’m working hard to bring you the very best in horror fiction, and now I’m working hard to give you the very best deals I can offer. Even if you have the others, I’m on the rise to the top and many changes are soon to come, so you better collect these priceless, original works of art while you can!

I hope you enjoy my twisted and macabre stories of horror-fiction madness.

-Joel Hunter Gun

Thank you for reading.

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  1. deanna says:

    I am and will always be one of ur biggest fans. :) good luck.



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