Author’s Friends

Anna Libby @twajole

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Anna writes band articles and music reviews for Metal Overdose. Her mission is to help deserving, unsigned bands to develop a following. I connected with Anna via Twitter and I support her cause. Click on her picture to read her articles and to see what Metal Overdose is all about!

R A Y | D I L L O N @RayDillon

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If Ray’s artwork was not impressive enough, over the past fourteen years he’s built a list of credentials with projects and clients that will make your jaw drop: Borderlands 2: Origins (2k Games, IDW), Ridley Scott’s “Prophets of Science Fiction” and “Meteorite Men” on The Science Channel, Magnolia Pictures, R.L. Stine, Cemetery Dance, Marvel, DC, IDW, Image, Dark Horse, Archie, Science Channel, Warner Bros., Topps, Upperdeck, New Line, Scary Bits Films UK, and @PETERPANComic with his wife @RenaeDeLiz! Currently, he’s working on creator-owned comics that you may have the privilege to support. To top it off, from the bit of online interaction I’ve had with him, Ray seems to be a loving family man and has proven to be a really nice guy. To me, he is very inspiring for many reasons, and well worth mentioning. You can find out more about him by clicking on the picture above, or you can check him out on twitter.

Joe Pranaitis @JoePranaitis

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Joe is an author (Infinite Possibilities: Chronicles), Screenwriter, Film Producer, & Co-Owner and VP of Shareef Entertainment LLC. If his list of many hats does not say something about Joe, I don’t know what does! Check out his facebook page by clicking on his picture above, or check out his Twitter page to see what he’s up to next.

Grey Matter Press @GreyMatterPress

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Grey Matter Press is a Chicago-based publishing company with a mission to find the best new writers working in dark fiction. They claim that, “Your experience (as a writer) with Grey Matter Press will be like no other independent publisher you may have previously worked with,” and I would have to agree. Although, I have not been personally published through Grey Matter Presseven though I’ve had the privilege of knowing a few of the team members even before the company was founded, proving how fair their decisions to accept a writer’s work can beI have watched this company from the very beginning with keen interest, and I can tell you that the more I learn about this company, the more I grow to admire it. Readers and writers of horror, be sure to click on the picture above and check them out!

Matt Lortz @MattLortz

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Matt is a fun, metal-loving guy who has met more of today’s pioneers of metal than most everyone else I know, combined! He has some crazy and cool, informational, best-friend-next-door type of YouTube vids that I really like. Click on his pic above to check him out.

Pulvis Et Umbra @pulvis_et_umbra

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This is an up and coming death and thrash metal band from Cremona, Italy. Influenced by Metallica, In Flames, Pestilence, Dark Tranquillity, Lamb Of God , and Opeth, if you’re in to death or thrash, like I am, you’ll really like their music. They’ve been together since 2002 and I think they have much potential.  I’m looking forward to future albums, and I can’t wait to see what they’re going to do next. Select the pic above to check them out on Facebook and to listen to a few of their songs for free!

Russell Edwards @rippertourldn

As an expert of Jack the Ripper, after years of dedicated research, Russell has produced the definitive evidence to prove the identity of the world’s most famous murderer! On his website and through his books and tour guide business in London, he explains how a combination of chance, hard work, and cutting edge science has finally helped to resolve the 126 year old case. Russell is always happy to connect with new people who are interested in Jack the Ripper, and the things he can tell you are always fascinating. Click on his picture above to jump over to his website and check him out!