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Joel Hunter Gun was born in Logansport, Indiana. He is a father of one, a recording engineer graduate, and, currently, a student working on his BBA. For the past ten years, while writing and obtaining education, he has bounced back and forth between living in Ohio, Arizona, and West Virginia. His unnatural obsession for writing began at age ten, working to write song lyrics on a daily basis, never to be seen without a pad of paper and a pen. It was not until a several years ago that he discovered his passion for writing horror fiction. Since then, he has self published several short stories and one novel.

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Goodreads asked Joel Hunter Gun:
November 5, 2014

How do you get inspired to write?

Joel Hunter Gun Inspiration to write hit me when I was about ten. So badly I wanted to write my own lyrics for a song, and I had so much inside of me that I wanted to get out. For several days I could do nothing. I could not figure out how to write something, seemingly, out of nowhere. I wondered how in the world people just come up with words and ideas that seem so powerful. I wondered if writers have something that others don’t, and maybe never can have. Then one day, when it felt like my brain was about to explode, because I would not give up, inspiration hit me like I had stepped into another world. All of the sudden, thoughts and ideas came pouring out of my mind like crazy.

It has been that way ever since.

It wasn’t until I was in my early twenties, after I had written thousands of song lyrics (that I still have locked inside a safe, right now) that I found my true calling with fiction writing. When that happened everything in my life seemed to come together. To me, writing has always been like a flaming bass drum that pounds deep inside my chest and the sound of it releases through my mind. Writing is sacred and powerful to me, and that is what inspires me; what drives me. I’ve been working for so many years now for no pay and for nothing but a burning desire to get the things out that scream inside of me. I’m so glad that things are now coming around. With my short story, Scarred for Life, that I have just released, I have given the world only a small taste of what is to come, and more will be coming with rapid succession. I’ve been a student for so long and only now do I feel that it’s time to let that inspiration of my childhood live on.

So, I guess my inspiration to write is inside of me. It always was. I’ve never had to get it. I only had to figure out how to let it out when I was young, and it has been driving me through life ever since.

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Published via author’s former website at joelhuntergun.com.

April 12, 2011

More about me, which you will find nowhere else.

Joel Hunter GunBefore I die, my goal is to ultimately become a successful fiction writer. When I was around ten years old, living in foster care, I discovered writing as an escape and as a way for me to vent my frustrations in life. Since then, writing has and will always be my core passion. I aspire to dig deep into the aspects of fiction writing (predominantly horror) and finely lace it with some type of lesson or inspirational message. This is my definitive purpose.

The reason for this writing mix is because I am trying to reach people who cannot normally be reached. In other words, I want to try to encourage those who have had horrible lives to keep striving for their dreams and to never give up no matter what.

This matters to me greatly because I spent most of my childhood as an abused and mentally scarred foster kid who was extremely shy, a nerd, acne riddled, viciously angry at the world, I did not even know my real last name until I was sixteen years old, and I had spent my late teenage years as drug addict in the process. It was not until I had completely hit ground zero, and then had a child of my own, that I decided enough was enough. However, by then, I felt like I had destroyed most of my life or what it could have been. I had also watched others around me do the same, and so rebuilding was like walking through hell. With every painful step forward, I was knocked back by at least three, but I never gave up and I held my focus. In the process, I discovered that all of my barriers were really just in my head. In other words, it was actually my way of thinking (what I constantly chose to believe in) that was the real problem. I then realized that I did not have to live in hell my entire life. I mean, sure, one’s situation in life can definitely seem to be permanent, but I had finally learned that it does not have to stay that way forever.

It is because of this, and so much more (that I will not get into right now), that I would like to show others that great sufferings in life should not be looked upon as if they were, or are, a disadvantage. Instead, great sufferings should be looked upon as an advantage. If one can find a way to turn their life of suffering into something that they can use to help themselves or others succeed, then they can turn their back with pride on a past that caused them so much pain. It is not easy by far to accomplish such a task. Most people waist so much time looking in the wrong places, just like I had, and that is exactly why my goal is to give small, but priceless, bits of guidance on the level where it is needed the most.

Okay, now that you know why this website exist, and now that you know a little bit about me, I hope you will enjoy reading my work!

Just remember, I have only begun to shed the blood, sweat, and tears that one must endure in order to become the greatest horror writer ever to exist!

And I say, bring it on!

Your new favorite author,

– Joel Hunter Gun

Thank you for reading.

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4 Responses to | About Author |

  1. We have quite a few things in common. Though I wasn’t raised in the foster system my whole childhood was a series of every type of abuse imaginable. Both at the hands of my father and various people my parents trusted with my care. My mother was and is an angel in my eyes, though she did nothing to stop the abuse from my father and neither of them paid enough attention to know what else was going on. I got married at 16 to a man I finally felt safe with, before that I was not capable of love or really any real emotions at all. I started cutting at 11 and still struggle with that to this day. I dropped out of school and introverted for 10 years having two children during that time. My whole life since I learned to read and write I outletted through writing. Mostly short stories and poetry and a very crappy book at 15. In 2007 after an almost very successful attempt at suicide, of which there had been many, I woke up.I got my G.E.D. and went to college. I had previously had a drug problem, not by choice however. I had been prescribed Lortabs and Percosets for extreme headaches caused by a spot on my brain that later disappeared and can not be explained. The headaches however did not go away and I became addicted to the pain medication. I never bought them illegally but it did not change the fact that I was an addict and forced myself to go cold turkey on my own without help or other medication. For two weeks I felt like my bones were filled with acid, the headaches intensified, I threw up constantly and all my mental illnesses brought on by my childhood increased. I am bi-polar, schizophrenic and fall into extreme suicidal depression more often than not. None of the medications work for me without taking away my creativity, so I don’t take them. Without creating I have nothing to ground me besides my spiritual practices and they aren’t enough. I went to college to become a psychologist. To change the mental health system, one that doesn’t have the compassion to actually help anyone. And thinking that since I was an example in experience myself that I would be well suited for this line of work. I have been sick for many years with various diseases but I soldiered on until I was 2 and a half years in. At that point I became too ill daily and gained more disease to add to my already long list and could no longer attend classes. I had the brains but not the physical fortitude to go on. I was devastated, in constant nerve ripping pain and began to feel utterly useless. Back on pain meds but this time for the rest of my life, knowing that as fast as I became resistant to the doses that eventually there would be not even a small relief in site. I was so used to helping random people that would seek me out on the internet and that helped me with my own inner demons. I thought to myself ” let not all this pain, torture and struggle have been in vain”. I HAD to help others like me get past it all. You know that deep down calling, that extreme urge and need to fix others and prevent as much as you could. I was at a desperate low. My horrifying experiences did not end with adulthood. It is like I have a magnet in me to draw people who have a knack for sadistic abuse. The last only being three years ago but feels like yesterday. It was never just men but women as well. Last year I ended up once again locked away in the state hospital like a caged animal because of another very close brush with self death. Then a few short months ago again, only this time I bullshited my way out of being locked away again. It was a month after that it occurred to me that I had to accept my fate, the things I could no longer do because of my illnesses but also that as long as my mind was sharp, however warped it may be, I was not useless. I decided to write, this time as a career. Something I was capable of, something that might reach the unreachable, much like you. Turn all the negative into a positive. I am currently working on a book , the first in a series. Also I am starting a website support group, non-profit of course, for people dealing with mental illness, psychical illness, abuse, addiction and daily struggles. Spiritually, I am Pagan and have begun the rites to becoming a Priestess. Letting my faith hold me when I can’t hold myself. And writing a Paranormal Romance/Horror with the message that abuse can make a person infinitely stronger in the right mindset. So you see, I understand you, even empathize with you on some things and understand why you write.



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